Plastic Vacuum Forming using formech 660 vacuum former

Plastic Vacuum Forming

We have now added a Formech 660 vacuum former to our list of equipment and can now offer vacuum forming to our services

with a platen size of 660 x 660mm the range of parts that can be formed are quite extensive


Vacuum forming originates from the 1930’s and yet it remains increasingly relevant today.

No alternative process can match the low cost, ease of tooling, efficiency and speed of replication for prototyping and small series of certain shapes. One of the main benefits of vacuum forming is the speed at which tooling can be produced and the cost compared to injection moulding is substantially cheaper.

Combining vacuum forming with new technologies such as 3D printing for tool design, bring new possibilities for vacuum forming for high tech industries.

Vacuum former tools can be either simple hand made jigs or complex 3D CNC machined tools all of which are able to made by Model Products in our workshops

see here for more information on vacuum forming


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