Wind study Models

For over 50 years the models produced by Model Products have been subjected to testing in wind tunnels the world over, Our founder Ben started his model making career with the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Thurleigh Airfield , Bedford making models of aircraft such as Concorde for high speed wind tunnel testing , an example of such model is now on display at the Aerospace Bristol Museum at Filton

Oil Production Platforms

The main work load of Model Products during the companies early years was in the production of scale model of Oil/gas production platforms or Oil rigs as the majority of people know them.

These models where used to to determine if pockets of dangerous gas would build up in unventilated areas as well as checking for safe Helicopter operation onto and around the platforms

The Britannia Platform shown having been repainted and the pressure taps removed for display in the oil companies boardroom.

Buildings and structures

Our primary models that are now wind tunnel tested are often new high rise developments the world over as well as low rise structure such as sports stadiums

Brighton and Hove Albion football stadium with the roof removed and the internal pressure taps that need to be fitted into the roof structure to give structural engineers accurate wind loading data when carry out their structural design