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Located in Bedfordshire, Model Products excels in creating bespoke, high-quality 3D models, assemblies, parts, and displays across various scales.

With 60 years of British aerospace engineering heritage, our family-owned studio offers professional, collaborative, and personalized services to bring client visions to life.


Welcome to Model Products Ltd

Expert Model Makers

Multi-Sector Model Making Specialists

We understand that every project is unique. Whether captivating an audience, advancing research, developing cutting-edge technology, or showcasing products, the key to success lies in having superior support and precise model-making tools.

Our model-making services, backed by creative expertise, are designed to enhance your operations and provide a robust foundation for your projects.

As experts in collaboration, we excel within any budget and handle briefs of all complexities. Serving a diverse clientele, from global brands to local startups, we cater to all sectors and industries.

Masters of Replication & Experts in Scale Manipulation

At Model Products Ltd, we combine innovative, state-of-the-art technologies with traditional crafting and manufacturing techniques to deliver exceptional results.

Our versatile, multi-disciplinary team is adept at customising strategies and skills to meet the specific requirements of each project. This flexibility enables us to efficiently scale and optimise our resources, ensuring that every product not only meets but exceeds client expectations, consistently delivering on time and within budget.

Defence, Aerospace, Maritime, Petrochemical, Engineering, Exhibitions & Events, Architecture

Regardless of your industry or communication goals—be it business, marketing, research, education, design, or communication—Model Products is equipped to deliver superior solutions and practical tools that ensure success. Wherever your business operates and whoever your target audience is, we provide the high-quality resources necessary for exceptional achievements.